Healthy Minds Start with Healthy Guts, How to Combat Picky Eaters

Research shows that about 20% of parents say their two to five year olds are picky eaters. While most will eventually outgrow their adolescent eating behaviors, there are steps parents can take to improve their child's eating habits. The following are some small…

Household Items to Support Speech and Language

Toddlers and children enjoy playing with everyday ordinary items. At home, you already have simple and fun ways to support your child's speech and language.

Toys To Improve Language Development

As a parent or care-taker there's a vast amount of toys that will improve language development for your child. We've have hand picked and listed the following highly preferred toys which have shown to be beneficial in clinic based and home based therapy.

Early Intervention Strategies For Your Child

Early intervention strategies for your child is critical when there is a speech/language delay concern. Your child’s developmental concerns can best be addressed if identified early.